Thursday, April 14, 2005


Favourite Project Topics (ea1)

You voted for the following project topics:

Post a comment and make suggestions about project work. Should all the class work on one topic only, on the two most popular ones or... what else? How do you picture project work?

We are a group and i believe that the projects are bored . My friend believe that projects are relaxing and interesting for children and helped to write a good progect.
Ιt's a good idea my classmates and I to work in the topic[MUSIC].Because music is the best thing which you can calm.It will be very interesting to find pictures and informations about the famous singers.
Dimitris and I think that this project work is very nice and good and we would like to take part in one.
Our opinion is that every team in the class should make a different project and not to make a public one.We would like to make a project about Hollywood Stars and life problems of african kids.
In our opinion is that we would like to take part in a project about music,because we believe the music decorate our life.
I believe that the project it is very nice,intresting and very helpuf and easy.
In our opinion we would take part in a project about animals because it is very interesting
the groups must be doing different projects.
I believe that the post who write
it must for all people work this
We believe my group that then issue is the animal because there are different species who is indangerent.And we like very much.
Ada and I want to do project work because we can approach very interesting and useful things.
Ilias and I believe that this project about animals is exciting
and very interesting because we can understand how animals behave and live
We believe that this progect was very useful and interesting for us because we learn more things.To sum up the progect enrich our knowledge!
Irene and I believe that the project work is good.We would like to work in the topic[MUSIC],because music calm us and we have a good time when we listen to it.
I believe that the projects are helpful and very intresting and my friend believe it too!!!
In our opinion about music we would like take part in the topic
[music].Because is very interesting to lern singers and the music.
Many students believe that the projects are bored.In my group we believe that the projects are interesting, relaxing and helpful.We would like to make a project about animals.
I like to do project because i like painting , writing and this is group work.
We believe that the projects are very helpful.My friend's opinion about these projects is that they are interesting, because we can find there a few information. We would like a project about music.
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